It’s a great honor to have you here, and I would like to thank you for visiting our homepage.
Kumamoto Medical Center (KMC) has a proud history, dating back to 1871, the Meiji Era, when we started as a garrison and military hospital.  KMC is the one of the oldest National Hospitals and this year marks our 150th anniversary.
KMC is located not far from Ninomaru Park, the magnificent Kumamoto Castle and there is an art museum, a ballpark, arboretum and more nearby.  Cherry blossoms come to full bloom in spring and it is crowded with many blossom viewers and tourists.  The surrounding greenery and gardens provide a soothing and tranquil atmosphere for patients, families and visitors.  Our location also means we have easy access to the downtown area.
 Emergency and Cancer care are our two main pillars; at the same time, we all are working hard to handle every disease and sickness and aspire to be a hospital which everyone in the community relies on.  Moreover, we carry out all our responsibility and put more efforts into educational and training programs and clinical research.