International Cooperation

  National Hospital Organization (NHO) Kumamoto Medical Center has been holding up “International Cooperation on Health and Medical Care” as one of our goals since 1985, and we have been playing an important role as the only International Cooperation Mainstay Hospital.
  In 1989, (NHO) Kumamoto Medical Center held “ Seminar on Blood Transmitted Diseases: Special Reference to AIDS, ATL and Hepatitis” which was the first group training course for our hospital with the support of Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA).
  Since then we have held nineteen kinds of training courses in total, and three courses are planned for this year. In October 1991, the Institute for Clinical Research was established in order to mainly work on “International Cooperation in the Field of Health and Medical Care” and we started joint research with overseas trainees. We have obtained successful results in epidemiological research on HTLV-1, HIV and Hepatitis Virus and bacteriological research on Respiratory Infectious Disease in Child.
  In 1996, “The Third Country Training Program” was begun in Egypt (Suez Canal University) for the purpose of carrying out a group training course “International Course for Clinical Immunology of Infectious Disease” which was modeled after “” Seminar on Blood Transmitted Diseases: Special Reference to AIDS, ATL and Hepatitis” in overseas countries. In 2000, The Faculty of Medicine, Suez Canal University in Egypt and Kumamoto National Hospital established relations as sister facilities, and then we have three sister hospitals. They are the First Affiliated Hospital, Guangxi Medical University in China (2001), Faiyum University Hospital in Egypt (2009) and Khon Kaen Hospital in Thailand (2009).
  We have accepted 1631 trainees from 123 countries in total, including groups and individuals since we had started an individual training course for first time in 1986.