Steps for Consultation

Consultation Flow

  • First-time Consultation
    Fill out a consultation form at the reception desk on the 4th floor (main floor) and present the form, your health insurance card and a referral letter if you have at Window 2 (First Visit). 
    Reception for “First Visit” starts at 8:15.
    If you don’t have a referral, you are asked to pay an extra charge of 5,500 yen (fee for the first visit).
  • Follow-up Consultation
    with an appointment
    Check in first at the Automatic Check-in Machine and submit your reception slip and “patient’s registration card” to the department where you are to have your consultation. 
    Reception starts at 8:00.
    Please call 096-353-6501 (main phone) for changing your appointment schedule during weekdays (Monday – Friday), 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

    without an appointment
    Check in at Window 3 and take a reception slip and “patient’s registration card. Then, submit your reception slip to the department where you are to have your consultation and wait for your consultation.
    **Please note that you may spend time waiting without an appointment.
    Reception starts at 8:15..
    Basically, an appointment is required, so please make sure to make an appointment for a future visit before you leave.
    When you revisit our hospital for personal reasons after competing your treatment or are referred to another hospital, you are required to pay extra charge of 2,750 yen.

    Visiting another department
    Submit your patient’s registration card and insurance card to Window 3.

  • Patient’s Registration Card診察券
    A patient’s registration card is commonly used for all departments, so please keep it safe. Bring it with you when you revisit. Please be sure not to lose it. If you lose your card, please go to Window 3 to reissue.
  • Health Insurance Card
    You will need to present your health insurance card on your first visit every month, so please bring it with you. Without the card, charges may not be covered under the insurance plan.
  • The others
    • Waiting Room
      You are called by a number on your reception slip to protect your privacy.
    • Check-out and Payment
      After a consultation or treatment, please go to Window 4 and present your file including your treatment schedule, an outside prescription and so on. Your reception number will be shown on the screen when calculation is finished, and you can pay with the Automatic Check-out machine located in front of reception desks. Payment by cash cards (Bank / Post Office) or credit cards is accepted, as well as by cash.
    • Out-of-hospital Prescription
      Our hospital basically keeps an out-of-hospital prescription system. You can get a prescription after payment at Window 5. If you need further information about the most convenient pharmacy in your area, please go to “Out-of-hospital prescription desk”.
    • Medical Documents
      If you need copies of medical documents – such as a medical certificate or physician’s statement, please visit Window 6. The charges for those documents are not covered under insurance plans. Please ask “Reception for documents” for some more details.
    • Parking
      Parking is available in this hospital site for outpatients.
      Find more at “Parking Information”